too young for band members too old for their sons
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thomas vermaelen is SO attractive i am pissed hes with that club now like please love urself!!


alex turner: a summary

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proton, neutron, electron and crouton 

Anonymous asked: What leaked nudes are everyone talking about?

sorry for replying late but so many its awful jennifer lawrence had most but ariana grande, emma stone, kate upton, victoria justice etc etc etc their iclouds got hacked so if u haven’t seen any yet let it be 

aliens if ur out there beam me up


dear anti-feminists: please eat ur weight in bees


WHAT the fuck

more importantly why are all these nudes just of famous WOMEN its not like men dont take them fuck i hate 4chan

yall need to shut up if a woman love her body so much she wants to capture it on picture GOOD FOR HER the picture itself is harmless in her possession its safe and showed to the right people adored but its a picture for gods sake it cant do anything its the people releasing these things we need to start a disscusion about this is victim blaming at its finest

lizards don’t give a FUCK about the economy


JC & The Voidz are shooting the first video from Tyranny!

Credits to @nickgoossen on twitter


Alex Turner performs at Way Out West, Göteborg, 14.08.2009

photos by Emma Svensson